Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 4 of Our Germany Visit

On day 4 we started out after breakfast and headed south towards Austria. It isn't exactly on the way to Triberg but my wife was determined that we had to go into Austria and Switzerland so she could say she was there. I made sure there wasn't a lot of extra driving by just catching a little of each country.
If you go there from Germany make sure you get decals for your window for each of those countries since they are required and not too cheap either. The one for Switzerland was the more expensive one. It was a pleasant drive and my wife got to relearn a standard shift again.
I don't want to accuse her of driving fast since I didn’t really look at the speedometer but after we got home I mentioned that 130 kph was about 80 mph and then she asked what 170 kph was. It wasn't all that bad because even at that speed she was passed by motorcycles.
We stopped in Switzerland for lunch at a nice place out away from town and had a nice lunch but we did learn that Switzerland isn't on the Euro system, good thing for master card.
We then drove more into the mountains on our way to Triberg. Triberg is a town nestled in a valley and has the country’s highest waterfall. We had been there once before because it is also known for Cuckoo clocks. That first trip we ended up buying 4 of them.
When we got to Triberg it was raining and we had a hard time finding a place to stay. We finally spotted a nice place across the valley but it took us awhile to find out how to get to it. Finally we seen a sign and followed it. It turned out to be a Best Western and had a restaurant there so we didn't have to go back out in the rain again.
Dinner was nice but it's the first time I seen my wife get high off of desert. She had ice cream with cherries and Egg type of alcohol. By the time she got to the bottom of the bowl she was warmed up.
The next morning we started the walk up the waterfall, not my idea but I was dragged into it by my better half. There are numerous trails that can be taken with different degrees difficulties. I chose the easy one and still I gave up about halfway up.
After that we checked out the Cuckoo clocks from the place we had used years ago. She did buy a few things there for gifts back home. We left there to continue our trip to Hoehr-Grenzhausen and Hillscheid, little villages located on the west side of the Rhine river near Frankfurt Germany where the stein factories are located that we came to visit. 

Day Number 3 in Germany

The third day of our trip started out after breakfast with a short walk down to the Bahnhof to get our approximately 45 minute S-Bahn ride into Munich. We arrived at  main train station which was pretty centrally located to the places we wanted to go. We wanted to go to the Oktoberfest fairgrounds first and it was about 10am opening time. It was a short walk (maybe about 5 to 7 blocks) and being a Monday Morning it wasn’t crowded yet. 
There are lots of rides there that I’m not even sure would be allowed here in the states. We’re both a little old for rides so we walked around and gazed at everything. There was food of all sorts there and everywhere you looked. The Beer halls probably numbered around 12 with about 4 or 5 of them large enough to hold 8,000 people. If you want to sit at one of the tables I hope you reserved one about two years ago.

We walked around and then found an outdoor place to eat that had seating room. We both had a beer of course and I had my Weiswurst and Sauerkraut and she ordered a pretzel so between the two of us we had the typical Bavarian Breakfast and we had it before noon. We walked around a little longer and then decided to go find the Hofbrauhaus which was about as far on the other side of the train station as the fairgrounds on this side.
We were seated with other people at a bench style seating and ordered our beers. My wife had to go use the ladies room so she pointed at something on the German menu we had and said to order that for her. The waitress then came back and I gave her our selections and then she asked if we would prefer a menu in English. I knew pretty much what I had ordered but I looked at the English version anyway hoping my wife had ordered something like Pig’s Feet but she lucked out.
We walked around the downtown area a little while and then headed back for the S-Bahn back to Altomunster. I think it was on the way back that we did have to change trains but that wasn’t too difficult. When we got back we weren’t real hungry but we did want to eat something to keep from having to leave our hotel again. My wife just ordered some bread and cheese and I found a section on the Menu which said for the kleinen Hunger. When the meal was brought to be there was a pile of sauerkraut and four long sausages on the plate. I asked the waitress if this is what they consider Keiner appetite and all she said was that in Bavaria we eat
We went to bed early since we now knew we would get a serenade from the church bells at 6 am so we might as well plan on getting an early start the next morning