Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 5 and 6 of our Germany Visit

I guess I already talked about the start of day 5 at the end of day 4 so I’ll continue it here.

We made our way up the Autobahn towards Hoehr-Grenzhausen and Hillscheid. Like the other autobahns on our trip this one had construction on it also reducing traffic down to one lane in many places. We arrived there a little after two and checked into our room at the Burghotel Grenzau which lies in the heart of the beautiful Westerwald at the foot of the 800 year old castle Grenzau.  As usually we were told our room was on the first floor which of course meant the first floor above the lobby up a flight of stairs. Europe is definitely handicap friendly. It was a very nice hotel and the restaurant was just about a 50 yard walk at the 

After unpacking we decided to look around especially to see where the factories were for the next day’s visits since the restaurant didn’t open till 5pm. The area was beautiful and we found everything easily.
We then came back to the hotel and rested till the restaurant opened and had a very nice meal with good beer to wash it down. We went to bed early since the trip in all the traffic wore us out.
The next morning we had breakfast there in the hotel which was the typical breakfast found in most Gasthauses, probably a little better than most. We had our first factory visit at King-Werks scheduled for 9am. I had been communicating with Johannes Gueenster via email and had already made an inventory purchase with him but he was at Oktoberfest in Munchen that week so we met with his sister Magda who is an owner along with her brother. She spoke English quite well which was lucky for us and gave a great informative tour. I thought we might have gotten out to a bad start because at the front door my wife had stepped in some dogs business unknowingly and tracked it in the office area, but all was forgiven I guess.
It’s very impressive seeing in person all that is required to put out a genuine handcrafted, hand painted stein. Check out our article on the manufacturing process to see how they are made. . My wife was amazed and thought steins weren’t expensive enough after seeing how they were made. When I made my initial order my wife had seen one stein she thought was ugly but when she seen that same stein in person the commented how cute it was. Someone else I had shown some steins to that had never seen then except in a picture commented how pictures don’t do them justice. That gave me an idea so I will some have videos on my site of the various steins in my inventory.

Our next stop was in Hillscheid just two miles away and the home of Zoller & born. The tour there was like the one we received from King-Werks and just as impressive. The manufacturing process is the same with the factory just laid out with slight difference in floor plans.

That left us the afternoon to go drive down the banks of the Rhine to look for the numerous castles in the area. The weather was a little misty but still a nice day to see the sites. We went back to the hotel early to eat dinner and get rest for the next day since we would have to leave the Hotel by 4am to get to the Frankfort airport by 5:30 am for our trip back to London.

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