Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travel in Germany, the People, Culture and Shopping

No one should ever worry about traveling to a country that does not speak English as their first language, such as Germany a lot of people speak English, and if not , a smile, a friendly attitude, and playing Charades will always work, and believe me this girl can shop in any language.
When visiting besides the usual tourist attractions, make sure to enjoy the small towns, they are beautiful. They take great pride in keeping things clean; they even sweep the

street in front of their house. They are a very courteous culture, friendly and they waste no space in their yards. While walking around you will find almost everyone has a garden, but not like ours, they are part of the landscape, and beautiful. You get a feeling of great respect for the people; they have so much pride in taking care of their country.

I love going to Germany. The Black Forrest area, we found some beautiful Cuckoo clocks, and a gorgeous waterfall to climb in Triberg im Schwarzwald, it was breath-taking. My son and I climbed all the way to the top, and learned there was a hotel at the top, so if we had driven up there, we could have walked down the falls. We decided that would not been near as much fun as climbing up and then back down, we had a great time.
Crystal is also a passion of mine; we went to a Crystal factory, which had a seconds store next door. I could not tell any of the flaws, and I tried, the price was much better, my husband said it was a good thing we didn’t live there, because I could only get enough to hand carry back on the plane.
We also went on two different Beer Stein factory tours Zoller & Born and King-Werks; my husband had arranged those before we went. I have never had such an experience of really knowing what handmade is really about. Each section, from the design, casting, drying, cleaning, attaching the handles, painting each of the colors on the steins, was all hands on. There were no machines, conveyor belts, or anything we would presume to be modern, each section had one or two people, repeatedly doing the same job over and over, and they took such pride in each and every one, but even though they were the same, no two were exactly the same because each was done individually by a human hand. I have never been so impressed, now when I buy Steins; I look very closely at the ones that are supposed to be alike to find the little differences, and smile because I know how much work and love went into making it. Those factory tours where the highlight of our last visit. HANDMADE is truly HANDMADE.

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