Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Prompted the Development of the Beer Stein?

The Development of the Lidded Beer Stein

The beer stein features a lid which may be opened or closed. Originally the steins didn’t have the thumb lifts that they have today to aid in opening. The concept of steins after they originated started a continuous rise in popularity. The first steins were created from stones and were very heavy to hold. As time went by, steins started being manufactured from other various materials such as silver, glass, porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, etc. The Germans have perfected the art of stein making and the concept soon started spreading to many other countries around the world. Brazil is now the larger producer of steins but are made more as promotional products for companies and organizations, primarily Budweiser.

Steins became the status symbol of beer lovers. Some of the best beer steins in Germany would have their family household crest and shield emblazoned them. Germans tend to place great respect on their food or their best drink and bear the expense that the status the steins would bring them. Today the German Beer Steins are collectibles worldwide and have grown to be fascinating not only for beer lovers but for their decorative features as well.

True German beer steins are handmade and hand-painted with exceptional relief designs. Because they are handmade and hand-painted they can be expensive depending on the design and coloring. The German beer steins are crafted with perfection with many of the designs having historic origins. They are exported all over the world and are more coveted then those manufactured in other countries. One of the things you want to check to make sure you have the authentic German Beer Stein is that the steins are stamped and numbered with the manufacturer's label as well as country of origin. The country of origin by German law must be labeled Made in Germany if it is to be exported. This is also one of the distinct features of the German Stein.

Germany has been celebrated worldwide for its beautiful innovation with art works in their beer steins. Enjoy your chosen drink using the authentic German Beer Steins.

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