Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The German Town of Altomunster Germany

One of the towns we like to stay in when we go to southern Germany is a town called Altomunster. It sits on the end of an S-Baun line just about 23 miles to the NNW of Munich.

It makes it easy to take the S-Baun into Munich so that we are free to visit the Hofbrauhaus and not worry about having to watch what we drink. If you have never been to the Hofbrauhaus make sure you go. We stay in the Brauerei Gasthof Hotel Maierbrau the rooms are excellent and the restaurant is one of the best we have been in at a Gasthof.
What we love to do is check in early in the afternoon and just walk around the village and enjoy how well all these German towns are maintained. This hotel sits at one end of a town square across from a Catholic church at the other end. We have a few pictures of the church so you can see all the intricate design that is used in their churches.

If you going to Munich I recommend you stay here.

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