Friday, February 7, 2014

Airbräu at the Munich Airport

Ever felt like arousing envy? Here’s the perfect tip for all travelers exiting Germany via Munich airport – home of the one and only airport brewery in Europe: Airbräu. And let me tell you it’s not an airport gimmick or tourist rip-off but a real, authentic, fantastic, Bavarian brewery.  So here is your chance to – for once in your life – actually make perfect use of your time between check in and boarding. No lingering about in overcrowded transit area cafes or half-baked airline lounges. We certainly are regulars ourselves. Not only for a pint of beer but also for the hearty, classic, local food that goes with it.

You will be sitting around the copper brewing tanks (yes the ACTUAL brewing tanks) and ask yourself how they can spit out a liquid that lovely. Learning about how the beer is made will even increase your enjoyment, as you will feel good to know that only local ingredients of the highest standard are incorporated and of course like all German beers the German purity law of the year 1516 is strictly adhered to! And if that doesn’t wet your thirst for knowledge the master brewer himself is available for a tour of the brewery including areas that are usually off limits to guests. These tours are available for a minimum number of 3 guests and can and should be pre-booked online under 

Of course the tour doesn’t conclude without a beer tasting… Btw prebooking also goes for tables in the restaurant if you want to make sure or are in a big group.
The whole program of tour & beer(& maybe dining) –I guarantee – will provide for a perfect preparation for your flight.

I will never forget being picked up from the airport once hearing the usual ‘how was your flight’ question to which I could honestly and truthfully answer: ‘Oh I had the best sleep after that brewery tour and beer tasting at the airport’!

The only drop of bitterness for all guests leaving the country will be that taking samples of Airbräu beer back home is sadly not an option as that checked in baggage is already gone, remember? For a lasting rememberance purchase a nice stein of Munich to place as decor in your living room.

Written by Anna-Barbara Schmidt

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